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4 golden rules to eat healthy

4 golden rules to eat well As indicated in a previous article, the most up-to-date recommendations to eat healthily and prevent the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes are very similar, if not identical, to those dietary recommendations offered to patients diagnosed with diabetes. To devise a dietary routine for main meals in [...]

By |22 March, 2016|Categories: Nutrition|
  • Live as a diabetic

Food self- management to prevent type 2 diabetes risk

Food self- management to prevent type 2 diabetes risk There is considerable scope to prevent diabetes. This is a fact, you are the main actor involved. Your lifestyle and therefore, your decisions only you can make, are decisive to reduce in large measure the risk of suffering from diabetes type 2. Your diet it is one of [...]

By |8 March, 2016|Categories: Nutrition|
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See you elevator: change habits for a healthier life

Change habits for a healthier life: see you elevator For a couple of weeks ago I do not know what a lift is used for, cookies at the coffee break are invisible and any time there is a glass of water on my desk.  I am not on a diet, I am increasingly raising awareness about a [...]

By |2 March, 2016|Categories: Diabetes prevention, Healthy lifestyle|
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