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I am Dietician-Nutritionist and Biologist from the University of Navarra and I practice the profession of dietician-nutritionist and as professor at San Jorge University. I am also a collaborator in different media in the fields of nutrition, food and health . I am member of the Spanish Foundation for Dietitians and Nutritionists (FEDN), and part of both its Scientific Committee and its Technical Advisory Committee. I have been president and founder of the Professional College of Aragon D-N (CPDNA). I am an active user of social media. You can follow me on twitter (@juan_revenga) or Facebook.
  • weight loss remission

Losing weight after a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes increases the chances of remission.

Weight loss after a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes increases the chances of remission Type 2 diabetes has traditionally been a relatively similar condition to type 1 diabetes in that the end result, in essence, was very similar in both diagnoses, although the causes leading to one or the other type of diabetes were [...]

By |23 June, 2020|Categories: Diabetes prevention, Healthy lifestyle, Nutrition|
  • diabetes and coronavirus

Diabetes and coronavirus. Risk group and Tips

Diabetes and COVID-19: a particularly at-risk group and some tips While the risk of being infected with coronavirus is the same for everyone, the consequences for people with diabetes could be much more severe The British Diabetes Association (Diabetes UK)  one of the most highly regarded institutions in the world's diabetes field, sustains that anyone [...]

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Diabetes Atlas 2019

Tell me your country, how you live, and I'll tell you your risk of type 2 diabetes Although it is fairly well known around us that the risk of type 2 diabetes is higher at lower income and cultural levels, in developing countries it is just the opposite Type 2 diabetes is considered [...]

By |8 January, 2020|Categories: Diabetes prevention|

It´s not a good idea to replace fruit with juices

Juice concentrates more sugar than fruit  Despite industry marketing pressure, daily or frequent consumpiton of fruit juices is not recommended, even if it is homemade. And much less if it is diabetes around. The inclusion of juices in the diet on a regular basis, is associated with a worse health prognosis. At least [...]

By |9 December, 2019|Categories: Diabetes prevention, Healthy eating, Nutrition|Tags: , , , , |
  • sweeteners and diabetes 2

Sweeteners, weight, diabetes and health: many doubts and few certainties

Sweeteners, weight, diabetes and health: many doubts and few certainties Caloric sweeteners have been proposed as a solution to a problem: the omnipresence of sugar. But their use today remains controversial because in addition to solving little or nothing, they may be the source of not a few problems. At this point we discover [...]

By |11 November, 2019|Categories: Diabetes prevention, Healthy eating, Nutrition|Tags: , , |

Well done! diabetes control in the USA

Slowing the incidence and prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. Does the impossible come true? A recent study shows that new diagnoses of diabetes in the United States have decreased by 35 percent since the 2008 peak. This could be the first sign of usefulness of all efforts to curb the epidemic Against the [...]

Sugar, labeling and diabetes

Sugar, labeling and diabetes Far too easily, and quickly too, we relate concepts such as rain and umbrella, hammer and clove, soup and spoon ... and we do the same with diabetes and sugar. When we hear 'diabetes' we immediately think of 'sugar'; so much so that many people believe that sugar is the [...]

By |17 July, 2019|Categories: Diabetes prevention|
  • diet gestational diabetes prevention

Diet and physical activity and Gestational Diabetes

Diet and physical activity and Gestational Diabetes As mentioned in another article on this blog, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is broadly defined as a situation in which a woman first faces a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus or glucose intolerance in the course of pregnancy, and which is usually resolved, or ended, at the [...]

By |11 June, 2019|Categories: Diabetes prevention|
  • new standards ADA

NUTRITION. Up to date – Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes- 2019

Up to date - Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes- 2019   At the end of the year the American Diabetes Association published an update with standards for healthcare in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Today we bring them closer to you and discuss nutritional issues The American Diabetes Association [...]

By |5 March, 2019|Categories: Diabetes prevention|
  • oral health and diabetes type2

Oral Health and type 2 diabetes

Bidirectional association between periodontitis and type 2 diabetes The recognition of the relationship of periodontal disease to general health, including type 2 diabetes, has revealed new perspectives regarding prevention and treatment.   It may sound strange, but beyond obesity there are other factors that are less well known for risk of type 2 diabetes. [...]

By |2 January, 2019|Categories: Diabetes prevention, Nutrition|
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