Taking the diabetes test at home is simple

test genetico en cas

What the pack includes

  • A swab (cotton bud) in a tube to take the mouth sample.
  • A form which you must fill in with your personal data which we will treat confidentially.
  • The consent which you must sign so that we can analyse your sample.
  • Labels to identify each element (swab tube, form and consent) with your personal code.
  • A pre-paid envelope to send us the sample.
  • A user’s manual with clear and simple instructions to take the sample, send it and register with the Diabetes Prevent app.

How to do the test

1. Get ready for the test

Keep your mouth clean for an hour beforehand, avoid eating, smoking, drinking, brushing your teeth or chewing gum. Cleanse your lips if you are wearing lipstick.

Gently massage your cheeks for 30 seconds so that they shed epithelial cells.


2. Take your DNA sample

Introduce the swab into your mouth and rub it for 1 minute up and down against your cheeks.

Put the swab carefully into its tube. Close it well.


3. Fill in your details

Fill in the form

Sign the consent for the analysis of the sample

4. Identify your sample

Place a label with a barcode (personal code card) on the outside of the tube and in the reserved space on the form and the consent.

Keep the card with your code. It is unique.

5. We collect your sample

Introduce the tube with the sample, the personal form and the informed consent into the pre-paid envelope and send it.

Call the telephone number you will find on the envelope and agree on a time for collection.


You can also do the test in one of the associated centres.
Find your closest centre