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Frequently asked questions

Clear up any doubts you may have about Diabetes Prevent and everything related to the genetic test that will help you to discover if you have a high genetic predisposition to suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Should you be unable to find the answer to your question here, you can write to us here.

You can download the Diabetes Prevent control and accompaniment app from GOOGLE PLAY and iTunes (APPLE STORE) platforms and searching for “Diabetes Prevent”.

Once downloaded, register with your email address (which will be your user name) and a password of your choice. The first time you enter into the application you should also introduce your PERSONAL CODE (which you will receive together with the kit).

You can use it in your smartphone, or your computer or tablet through the web: https://www.diabetesprevent.net/

The app is available for IOS (iTunes-Apple Store) and Android. You can download it from GOOGLE PLAY and iTunes (APPLE STORE) platforms and searching for “Diabetes Prevent”.

Yes. The app works on all ANDROID models from 4.2 on and all versions of IOS (iPhone).

About 45MB of free memory is required to use the application.

Basically, the web and the app have the same functionalities. It is the interface what makes the bigger difference. There is also another difference between the app and the web platform regarding the devices to automatically synchronize fitness sessions. Nowadays from the web you can synchronize from Fitbit, Google Fit, Nokia, Runkeeper an Apple Health, meanwhile the mobile app would automatically synchronizes PATIA PEDOMETER, GOOGLE FIT, APPEL HEALTH, FITBIT, NOKIA, RUNKEEPER Y SPC

The web display allows extended options, like the calendar views. All features are similar between the app and the web. So, for “medical history” there are: my profile, treatments, records, QR for emergencies, share, history options. And under “health and wellbeing” there are, my challenges, follow up, intake record, healthy menus, my devices, calendar, tracks and healthy library options.

Yes, all data is accessible in real time from both versions: the smartphone app and the web platform.

Yes. All user data is protected with security standards. So, the test result is reveal through a secret code. Health data is very sensible and that is why DIABETESprevent app takes it seriously to keep them save and private.

No. All data is stored in the cloud and is associated to the user record. So, data can be consulted by entering to the platform from any mobile device. The same user can remain active in different terminals at real time.

The mobile app only works on smartphones. The app can be used through the web diabetesprevent.net on tablet devices connected to the web, or on computers also connected.

  • This message may be due to lack of connectivity. Check that the terminal has the data connections enabled or is connected to a WI-FI network.
  • It may also be due an error in the username or password written. Check both fields.
  • The platform needs to have internet connection because data is stored in the cloud and constantly feed from it.
  • If you´ve forget your password you can create a new one.

Yes. You can request it to support@patiadiabetes.com emailing from the same email address from which you signed up for the app.

To watch your physical activity graphics, click on “WALKED STEPS”. Following screen will display you weekly walked steps and also offers the option to watch your monthly graphic.


You can get Diabetes Prevent for you and your family in the online shop at www.patiadiabetes.com, or in the associated centres where the test is carried out.

Diabetes Prevent is based on knowledge published in the most prestigious international scientific journals and backed by a scientific committee of worldwide experts in matters of diabetes, headed by internationally renowned Doctor Jaakko Tuomilheto, creator of the Findrisk Test.  

Yes. Having family members with diabetes or with genetic predisposition to diabetes does not mean that you are going to develop the disease, but it does increase the probability. Awareness of your risk can be vital, as can prevention.

Yes. The test is not a diagnostic to find out if you have diabetes or not. With this test, you will detect if you have a high genetic predisposition to developing type 2 diabetes and thus you will be able to prevent it in time.

More than 345 million people have type 2 diabetes in the world. Many of them don’t even know it. Identifying personal genetic risk of developing this disease can give you enough motivation to help you to prevent it, by means of changing eating, activity and lifestyle habits.

Anyone, whatever age they are, can do the genetic test. The test is painless and innocuous.

For the creation of the Diabetes Prevent tests, Patia has analysed in detail the results of the largest scientific studies and meta-analyses of the human genome in diabetics.. Such studies collected information from 110,000 diabetic and non-diabetic people, which helped Patia, in collaboration with the scientists and doctors of the SIGMA project, to select the genetic variants most associated with type 2 diabetes.

Discovering your genetic risk and changing your eating and physical exercise habits in time is vital to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Prevent is a platform for the prevention of diabetes in 3 steps:

  • GENETIC TEST Comfortable and pain-free. It is a DNA sample of epithelial cells from the mouth. Discover more about the genetic test.
  • RESULT. Reliable. In a few days you will receive the result in the DIABETESprevent  app and in diabetesprevent.net.
  • CONTROL APP DIABETESprevent helps you improve your eating and physical health habits, to share your results with your doctor and to look after your health.

The test can be a certain length of time inside the tube without deteriorating, but it is preferable to send it immediately to ensure a better quality sample.

The Diabetes Prevent test represents no risk for you. Try to follow the instructions and take the sample correctly, and before long your test will be on its way to the laboratory. See explanatory video.

To obtain the most reliable result possible, do not eat, drink, smoke, or brush your teeth for an hour before taking the sample. It is also important to remove all make-up from your lips.

Massaging the cheeks previously means you will obtain the epithelial cells shed from the inside of your mouth. Then introduce the swab or cotton bud in your mouth and rub energetically against the inside of your cheek for one minute.

Try not to contaminate the sample once extracted, making sure the swab doesn’t touch anything before putting it inside the container. See explanatory video:

Collecting the sample for the genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes test from children is very simple. You should simply try to avoid them eating for the hour prior to taking the sample. Before taking the sample, you should gently massage their cheek for 30 seconds. Afterwards, introduce the swab in their mouth and rub the inside of their cheek, up and down, for one minute.

Before collecting the sample, massage your cheek so that the epithelial cells are shed. Afterwards, introduce the swab into the mouth and rub energetically up and down on the inside of the cheek or jowl for one minute. See explanatory video.

Carefully put the swab into the container and follow the sending instructions.

You can’t eat for an hour before taking the test. This increases the quality of the sample and the reliability of the result.

To guarantee the quality of the sample, you should follow the following advice:

Do not eat, drink, or smoke for an hour before collecting the sample.
Your lips should also be free of make-up.

No, it doesn’t hurt. The sample for the genetic test is carried out by rubbing a swab (a cotton bud that collects cells) inside the mouth, a completely painless act.

No. The test is designed in such a way that you can do it easily and without help. Following the instructions, you’ll be able to do the test comfortably and quickly at home. If you need support, you can contact Patia or go to one of the associated centres where you can buy and carry out the test.

The epithelial cells of the buccal mucosa are the cells that make up the epithelial lining, which covers the inside of the mouth.

Patia has developed a platform based on the acquisition of epithelial cells of buccal mucosa, that is, from inside the mouth. Thanks to the swab included in the kit, you will simply have to obtain the sample, painlessly, rubbing the swab energetically for one minute against the inside of your cheek, as shown in the instructions for use to carry out the test at home.

Cells in our organism contain 23 pairs of chromosomes that carry our genetic information. What we call a sample is the collection of some cells from our body to be able to identify its genetic material, its DNA, which is the molecule that contains the necessary genetic information for the development of the biological functions of living organisms, and is responsible for its hereditary transmission.

A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) is a variation in the DNA sequence that affects one single base (adenine [A], thymine [T], cytosine [C] or guanine [G]) in the DNA sequence. Some of these variants can be associated with certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Prevent can be synchronised with different compatible devices. In addition to the Patia pedometer, you can also synchronise smartbands like Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone or Google Fit, and other wearables will be added to the list.

You can buy your Patia pedometer with the Diabetes Prevent pack with pedometer at a very special price.

It is a means of measuring activity which reflects body movement and memorises it so that it can be synchronised with the  DIABETESprevent app.

The pedometer or activity bracelet of the Diabetes Prevent Pack will help you to define and follow your physical activity plan to improve your lifestyle habits and prevent type 2 diabetes.

With the pedometer you will compile information which you will be able to consult later on the app and which will help you to lead a more active lifestyle.

Some of the data it measures are steps, distance in kilometres, calories burned… so you can measure your routines and set yourself challenges.

Other characteristics:

  • Up to 7 days’ battery
  • Bluetooth 4.0 always active and available to synchronise
  • Clock
  • Information can be stored for a month so that you can download it to the app whenever you want to

Thanks to the customization of its features, the app is the perfect companion tool to start a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. First, is the tool to receive the genetic result report. In addition, the app:

  • Medical History (my profile, treatments, records, QR for emergencies, share history)
  • Health and wellbeing (challenges, follow up, intake record, healthy menus, syncro devices,calendar, tracks and health library)
  • Offer custom-made functionalities.
  • Connect to PATIA pedometer and other wearables
  • Track your routes when walk, run or bike
  • Show you the indicators of distance, time, ingested and burned calories
  • Can create physical activity challenges
  • Allows you to keep track of nutritional values of consumed foods.
  • Plan your diets among more than 4000 recipes

Your genetic risk of developing type 2 diabetes does not change with time. What you can change to prevent the disease are your habits and modifiable risk factors:

  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Overweight
  • Stress
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Lack of sleep

The polymorphisms analyzed were provided following the latest and largest genetic studies to the date and are based on large population samples.

Diabetes Predict uses the gold standard technology of TaqMan® OpenArray® for genetic analysis. It is an automated process, with a maximum processing capacity in a minimum analysis time and is low-cost, which guarantees optimum quality of the results obtained in the genotype of the DNA. This technology allows the amplification of certain fragments of DNA where the polymorphisms to be studied are situated. The use of high specificity probes linked to fluorophores allows the detection of the genetic variants present in each individual analysed.

The test uses TaqMan probes methodology which is based on the nuclease activity 5′-3′ of the Taq polymerase enzyme and the detection of the genetic variants with a fluorophore. Each test contains two fragments of nucleotides (primers) which specifically join the regions flanking the SNP, and two TaqMan fluorescent probes with a connection to the minor groove (MGB) of the DNA helix. Each probe is marked with a different fluorophore (VIC or 6-FAM) covalently tied to the 5′ end of each of the two probes. Near the 3′ end, there is a group which prevents the liberation of the fluorescence if the probe is intact. The MGB is used to stabilise the double thread structure formed between the DNA sequence to be examined and the probe.

During the PCR, the probes that specifically hybridise the DNA fragments are destroyed and the fluorescence of the corresponding fluorophore is freed and detected.

To see your result report you must register with your personal code in the monitoring app or at the website www.diabetesprevent.net.

Yes, the information obtained in the results report is totally confidential. Only you, thanks to the personal code you will receive with the kit, will be able to consult the result of your genetic test. The analysis of the sample is carried out following all the data protection measures according to the laws for this type of test.

In 15 working days days after you send the sample to the laboratory and it is analysed, you will receive your results in the monitoring app and via www.diabetesprevent.net, which you can access using the personal code included in your Diabetes Prevent pack. 

It’s very simple. In the box you’ll find a pre-paid envelope in which you should put:

  • The tube containing the properly identified swab.  
  • The form with your personal data.
  • The consent which you must sign so that we can analyse your sample.

You only need to call the number on the envelope and the carrier company will collect the sample and send it to the laboratory.

Once your sample has been analysed, you will receive the results report in the monitoring app and in your private zone within www.diabetesprevent.net, to which you will be able to gain access with the personal code included in your Diabetes Prevent pack.

Once it has been ordered, we only take 24 hours to prepare and send the kit.

Patia and its associated laboratories undertake the analysis of your DNA sample and evaluation of your genetic risk of developing type 2 diabetes by means of the study in the laboratory of the genetic variants associated with this disease.

The test which is included in Diabetes Prevent for the evaluation of genetic risk of type 2 diabetes analyses the main genetic variants associated with this type of diabetes. The result will determine if your genetic risk of developing the disease is high or not.

Feel free to contact us on: support@patiadiabetes.com