DIABETESprevent genetic risk test result

Diabetes type 2 is a preventable disease. An early identification of the genetic risk to diabetes type 2 allows to intervene avoiding the pathology development and further worsening.

resultado test riesgo genético diabetesprevent

Hitherto type 2 diabetes was a pathology connected to adult age, but the increasing incidence in younger populations makes clear the necessity of a change towards healthier lifestyle habits away from sedentarism and unhealthy diet. This is why we ALL should be aware of our own, and our families, lifestyle habits.

Knowing whether we have a high genetic predisposition risk to diabetes type 2 is a huge opportunity to act and take prevention measures, no more no less than having healthier diets and making regular exercise. Simple decisions becoming regular habits protect efficiently from diabetes type 2 (and its future problems) as well as cardiovascular pathologies.

Type 2 diabetes genetic risk test by DIABETESprevent 

Based on a wide population study diabetes type 2 genetic risk test picks up the presence of risk variants of 16 genetic polymorphisms. A polymorphism is a variation inside de DNA sequence among individuals of a specific population (at least 1% of the population)

It has been shown that these variants are present in people who develop type 2 diabetes. Each polymorphism is related to different pathways of developing pathology. In general, either in the production of insulin by the pancreas or in cellular assimilation.

resultado test riesgo genético diabetesprevent

How do I receive my report genetic risk test?

Within fifteen days of taking the test you will receive a warm in your inbox email that your result is available. To see your result you can either log in the web platform (diabetesprevent.net) or open the app and log in using your personal code. (Here there is a tutorial how to log in the app)

In the starting screen you´ll see a number in a scale where your risk should show up as a numerical value.

That´s your risk score predicting your genetic predisposition.

The score of the genetic risk to diabetes type test

Your score of the genetic risk test is your numeric DIABETESprevent genetic risk value. This value has been get through a sophisticated algorithm considering the different statistic weight of each genetic risk variant and the type 2 diabetes family history.

This algorithm is based on wide populations studies which has taken mind the shown ascendance and the impact of certain genes to developing type 2 diabetes.

Depending on what genes show risk variants your score could be higher or lower.

The result offers your score as a percentage.

  • Those individuals with a genetic risk equal o smaller than 28% have a genetic risk below the population average and belong to a low risk.
  • Those individuals with a genetic risk over 29% have a genetic risk over the population average (a medium or high risk). Should take steps to prevent type 2 diabetes.

risk test diabetes

This score accounts for known genetic factors up to nowadays, but it doesn’t account for nor lifestyle neither ambient factors, both could either increase or decrease your probabilities to develop type 2 diabetes.

Score Report

Both logging on the app or the diabebetesprevent.net platform you´ll find the option: DOWNLOAD YOUR SCORE REPORT. There you´ll see the complete score report of the genotype, a PDF. The score report has two pages:

Page 1: report results

Here it is your personal data, due to confidentiality agreement it only has your birthdate and you test code.

There is also friendly graphic look.

Your risk score percentage appears in a color scale.

Page 2:

This second page shows every polymorphism genotyped and it also shows whether there are risk variants (in a color print mark). Analyzed polymorphisms are related to two different genes groups:

The group related to insulin altered production:

  • Decrease the number of beta cells.
  • Reduce the beta cells function.

The gens group related to the absorption capacity of insulin, or insulin resistance. The related variants are:

  • Obesity, increase of the body mass index (BMI) or hypothalamic dysregulation.
  • Insulin resistance not caused by obesity.
  • Dyslipidemia.

resultado test riesgo genético diabetesprevent

What clinical utility does the test have?

resultado test riesgo genético diabetesprevent

This test turn out to be an extra motivation to implement positive changes in your lifestyle. The change begins with the result itself, such is so it pushes you to adjust your life behaviors and to change those far away from the healthy lifestyle.

If the changes are to stay permanently and become a new behavior, we cheer you up to use DIABETESprevent app actively (once you received your kit you can already download the app). Using the app, you´ll can keep on by taking control both your diet and your exercise habits, creating your own routes, following your challenges and many other aside functions. Since we love you keep on using it and making profit of it we will keep on making up to date tutorials (Being sent to your email inbox and also available in our blog, under App section).

Having a high genetic risk allows you to know that you have bigger chances to develop type 2 diabetes. It doesn’t mean that you will, but increases several times the outlook when it goes with other risk factors such as unhealthy habits).

Who are to know genetic risk to endure diabetes type 2?

resultado test riesgo genético diabetesprevent

Once you´ve made you DIABETESprevent test genetic risk you already know how easy is to do it, so is it you can even do it when at home. The extraction of the sample is done with a swab, which is inserted into the mouth to subsequently rub the inner part of the cheek (check the complete process watching this video).

Knowing the genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes is of interest to people who

  • have relatives with diabetes
  • Persons overweight who lead a sedentary life
  • Have had gestational diabetes, which increases your risk for type 2 diabetes by 60%.
  • They have type 2 diabetes and want to evaluate the genetic predisposition of their relatives to intervene in the habits of the whole family
  • Have high blood sugar levels

Simply the people concerned about themselves health and that of their families and want to avoid in time the complications of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a complex pathology involving multiple factors and the genetic component is highly relevant. After age, obesity is the most important risk factor for its development but there are other factors that should be considered.


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** If you are a healthcare professional and want more information about DIABETESprevent and the result you can contact us in this form.

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