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How can I download the app?

You can download the Diabetes Prevent control and accompaniment app from GOOGLE PLAY and iTunes (APPLE STORE) platforms and searching for "Diabetes Prevent". Once downloaded, register with your email address (which will be your user name) and a password of your choice. The first time you enter into the application you should also introduce your PERSONAL [...]

By |12 September, 2017|

Where do I find the app?

The app is available for IOS (iTunes-Apple Store) and Android. You can download it from GOOGLE PLAY and iTunes (APPLE STORE) platforms and searching for “Diabetes Prevent”.

By |11 September, 2017|

Does the app works on any type of smartphone?

Yes. The app works on all ANDROID models from 4.2 on and all versions of IOS (iPhone).

By |9 September, 2017|

How much memory does the app use?

About 45MB of free memory is required to use the application.

By |8 September, 2017|

What are the differences between the app and the web versions?

Basically, the web and the app have the same functionalities. It is the interface what makes the bigger difference. There is also another difference between the app and the web platform regarding the devices to automatically synchronize fitness sessions. Nowadays from the web you can synchronize from Fitbit, Google Fit, Nokia, Runkeeper an Apple Health, [...]

By |8 September, 2017|

Is it the web version synchronized with the app?

Yes, all data is accessible in real time from both versions: the smartphone app and the web platform.

By |8 September, 2017|

Is my data secure?

Yes. All user data is protected with security standards. So, the test result is reveal through a secret code. Health data is very sensible and that is why DIABETESprevent app takes it seriously to keep them save and private.

By |8 September, 2017|

If I change my phone terminal would I lose my health history?

No. All data is stored in the cloud and is associated to the user record. So, data can be consulted by entering to the platform from any mobile device. The same user can remain active in different terminals at real time.

By |8 September, 2017|

Does the app work on tablet devices?

The mobile app only works on smartphones. The app can be used through the web diabetesprevent.net on tablet devices connected to the web, or on computers also connected.

By |8 September, 2017|

When login an error message appears saying that the app is not connected to the server. Why?

This message may be due to lack of connectivity. Check that the terminal has the data connections enabled or is connected to a WI-FI network. It may also be due an error in the username or password written. Check both fields. The platform needs to have internet connection because data is stored in the cloud [...]

By |8 September, 2017|
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