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If I lose my personal code, can I recover it?

Yes. You can request it to support@patiadiabetes.com emailing from the same email address from which you signed up for the app.

By |8 September, 2017|

How can I watch the physical activity graphics?

To watch your physical activity graphics, click on “WALKED STEPS”. Following screen will display you weekly walked steps and also offers the option to watch your monthly graphic.

By |8 September, 2017|

What devices could connect/synchronized with the app?


By |7 September, 2017|

Where can I get Diabetes Prevent?

You can get Diabetes Prevent for you and your family in the online shop at www.patiadiabetes.com, or in the associated centres where the test is carried out.

By |9 March, 2016|

What scientific support endorses Diabetes Prevent?

Diabetes Prevent is based on knowledge published in the most prestigious international scientific journals and backed by a scientific committee of worldwide experts in matters of diabetes, headed by internationally renowned Doctor Jaakko Tuomilheto, creator of the Findrisk Test.  

By |9 March, 2016|

If I have a high genetic predisposition to suffering from type 2 diabetes, might my family members also have a genetic predisposition?

Yes. Having family members with diabetes or with genetic predisposition to diabetes does not mean that you are going to develop the disease, but it does increase the probability. Awareness of your risk can be vital, as can prevention.

By |9 March, 2016|

Is it possible to do the test without a diabetes diagnosis?

Yes. The test is not a diagnostic to find out if you have diabetes or not. With this test, you will detect if you have a high genetic predisposition to developing type 2 diabetes and thus you will be able to prevent it in time.

By |9 March, 2016|

Why is it important to know your genetic risk of suffering type 2 diabetes?

More than 345 million people have type 2 diabetes in the world. Many of them don't even know it. Identifying personal genetic risk of developing this disease can give you enough motivation to help you to prevent it, by means of changing eating, activity and lifestyle habits.

By |9 March, 2016|

Who can do this genetic analysis?

Anyone, whatever age they are, can do the genetic test. The test is painless and innocuous.

By |9 March, 2016|

How reliable is Diabetes Prevent?

For the creation of the Diabetes Prevent tests, Patia has analysed in detail the results of the largest scientific studies and meta-analyses of the human genome in diabetics.. Such studies collected information from 110,000 diabetic and non-diabetic people, which helped Patia, in collaboration with the scientists and doctors of the SIGMA project, to select the [...]

By |9 March, 2016|
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