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What are the epithelial cells of the buccal mucosa?

The epithelial cells of the buccal mucosa are the cells that make up the epithelial lining, which covers the inside of the mouth.

By |9 March, 2016|

How is the DNA sample taken?

Patia has developed a platform based on the acquisition of epithelial cells of buccal mucosa, that is, from inside the mouth. Thanks to the swab included in the kit, you will simply have to obtain the sample, painlessly, rubbing the swab energetically for one minute against the inside of your cheek, as shown in the [...]

By |9 March, 2016|

What is a DNA sample?

Cells in our organism contain 23 pairs of chromosomes that carry our genetic information. What we call a sample is the collection of some cells from our body to be able to identify its genetic material, its DNA, which is the molecule that contains the necessary genetic information for the development of the biological functions [...]

By |9 March, 2016|

What is a polymorphism or SNP?

A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) is a variation in the DNA sequence that affects one single base (adenine [A], thymine [T], cytosine [C] or guanine [G]) in the DNA sequence. Some of these variants can be associated with certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

By |9 March, 2016|

What activity bracelet or pedometers can I synchronise with the app?

Diabetes Prevent can be synchronised with different compatible devices. In addition to the Patia pedometer, you can also synchronise smartbands like Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone or Google Fit, and other wearables will be added to the list.

By |9 March, 2016|

Can I buy the Diabetes Prevent pedometer?

You can buy your Patia pedometer with the Diabetes Prevent pack with pedometer at a very special price.

By |9 March, 2016|

What is the pedometer or activity bracelet for?

It is a means of measuring activity which reflects body movement and memorises it so that it can be synchronised with the  DIABETESprevent app. The pedometer or activity bracelet of the Diabetes Prevent Pack will help you to define and follow your physical activity plan to improve your lifestyle habits and prevent type 2 diabetes. [...]

By |9 March, 2016|

What functionalities does the app have?

Thanks to the customization of its features, the app is the perfect companion tool to start a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. First, is the tool to receive the genetic result report. In addition, the app: Medical History (my profile, treatments, records, QR for emergencies, share history) Health [...]

By |9 March, 2016|

Does the result change with the passage of time?

Your genetic risk of developing type 2 diabetes does not change with time. What you can change to prevent the disease are your habits and modifiable risk factors: Unhealthy eating habits Sedentary lifestyle Overweight Stress Alcohol consumption Lack of sleep

By |9 March, 2016|

How reliable are the results?

The polymorphisms analyzed were provided following the latest and largest genetic studies to the date and are based on large population samples.

By |9 March, 2016|
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