Basically, the web and the app have the same functionalities. It is the interface what makes the bigger difference. There is also another difference between the app and the web platform regarding the devices to automatically synchronize fitness sessions. Nowadays from the web you can synchronize from Fitbit, Google Fit, Nokia, Runkeeper an Apple Health, meanwhile the mobile app would automatically synchronizes PATIA PEDOMETER, GOOGLE FIT, APPEL HEALTH, FITBIT, NOKIA, RUNKEEPER Y SPC

The web display allows extended options, like the calendar views. All features are similar between the app and the web. So, for “medical history” there are: my profile, treatments, records, QR for emergencies, share, history options. And under “health and wellbeing” there are, my challenges, follow up, intake record, healthy menus, my devices, calendar, tracks and healthy library options.