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Does the result change with the passage of time?

Your genetic risk of developing type 2 diabetes does not change with time. What you can change to prevent the disease are your habits and modifiable risk factors: Unhealthy eating habits Sedentary lifestyle Overweight Stress Alcohol consumption Lack of sleep

By |9 March, 2016|

How reliable are the results?

The polymorphisms analyzed were provided following the latest and largest genetic studies to the date and are based on large population samples.

By |9 March, 2016|

What does the genotyping consist of?

Diabetes Predict uses the gold standard technology of TaqMan® OpenArray® for genetic analysis. It is an automated process, with a maximum processing capacity in a minimum analysis time and is low-cost, which guarantees optimum quality of the results obtained in the genotype of the DNA. This technology allows the amplification of certain fragments of DNA [...]

By |9 March, 2016|

How will I see my result?

To see your result report you must register with your personal code in the monitoring app or at the website

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Is the information obtained in the results report confidential?

Yes, the information obtained in the results report is totally confidential. Only you, thanks to the personal code you will receive with the kit, will be able to consult the result of your genetic test. The analysis of the sample is carried out following all the data protection measures according to the laws for this [...]

By |9 March, 2016|

When will my results be available?

In 15 working days days after you send the sample to the laboratory and it is analysed, you will receive your results in the monitoring app and via, which you can access using the personal code included in your Diabetes Prevent pack. 

By |9 March, 2016|

Is it easy to send the sample to the laboratory?

It's very simple. In the box you'll find a pre-paid envelope in which you should put: The tube containing the properly identified swab.   The form with your personal data. The consent which you must sign so that we can analyse your sample. You only need to call the number on the envelope and the [...]

By |9 March, 2016|

Who will deliver the results report to me?

Once your sample has been analysed, you will receive the results report in the monitoring app and in your private zone within, to which you will be able to gain access with the personal code included in your Diabetes Prevent pack.

By |9 March, 2016|

How long does it take to receive the kit for taking the buccal DNA sample?

Once it has been ordered, we only take 24 hours to prepare and send the kit.

By |9 March, 2016|

Who analyses the test?

Patia and its associated laboratories undertake the analysis of your DNA sample and evaluation of your genetic risk of developing type 2 diabetes by means of the study in the laboratory of the genetic variants associated with this disease.

By |9 March, 2016|
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