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What activity bracelet or pedometers can I synchronise with the app?

Diabetes Prevent can be synchronised with different compatible devices. In addition to the Patia pedometer, you can also synchronise smartbands like Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone or Google Fit, and other wearables will be added to the list.

By |9 March, 2016|

Can I buy the Diabetes Prevent pedometer?

You can buy your Patia pedometer with the Diabetes Prevent pack with pedometer at a very special price.

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What is the pedometer or activity bracelet for?

It is a means of measuring activity which reflects body movement and memorises it so that it can be synchronised with the  DIABETESprevent app. The pedometer or activity bracelet of the Diabetes Prevent Pack will help you to define and follow your physical activity plan to improve your lifestyle habits and prevent type 2 diabetes. [...]

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I have more questions, how could I solve them?

Feel free to contact us on:

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