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Once the sample has been taken… How long can I take to send it?

The test can be a certain length of time inside the tube without deteriorating, but it is preferable to send it immediately to ensure a better quality sample.

By |9 March, 2016|

Will I suffer any risk or side effect when taking the test?

The Diabetes Prevent test represents no risk for you. Try to follow the instructions and take the sample correctly, and before long your test will be on its way to the laboratory. See explanatory video.

By |9 March, 2016|

How do I collect the sample from children?

Collecting the sample for the genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes test from children is very simple. You should simply try to avoid them eating for the hour prior to taking the sample. Before taking the sample, you should gently massage their cheek for 30 seconds. Afterwards, introduce the swab in their mouth and rub [...]

By |9 March, 2016|

How should I collect my buccal DNA sample?

Before collecting the sample, massage your cheek so that the epithelial cells are shed. Afterwards, introduce the swab into the mouth and rub energetically up and down on the inside of the cheek or jowl for one minute. See explanatory video. Carefully put the swab into the container and follow the sending instructions.

By |9 March, 2016|

Can I eat before taking the test?

You can't eat for an hour before taking the test. This increases the quality of the sample and the reliability of the result.

By |9 March, 2016|

What do I have to do before taking the sample?

To guarantee the quality of the sample, you should follow the following advice: Do not eat, drink, or smoke for an hour before collecting the sample. Your lips should also be free of make-up.

By |9 March, 2016|

Does it hurt to take the sample for the test?

No, it doesn't hurt. The sample for the genetic test is carried out by rubbing a swab (a cotton bud that collects cells) inside the mouth, a completely painless act.

By |9 March, 2016|

Will I need help to do the test?

No. The test is designed in such a way that you can do it easily and without help. Following the instructions, you'll be able to do the test comfortably and quickly at home. If you need support, you can contact Patia or go to one of the associated centres where you can buy and carry [...]

By |9 March, 2016|

What are the epithelial cells of the buccal mucosa?

The epithelial cells of the buccal mucosa are the cells that make up the epithelial lining, which covers the inside of the mouth.

By |9 March, 2016|

How is the DNA sample taken?

Patia has developed a platform based on the acquisition of epithelial cells of buccal mucosa, that is, from inside the mouth. Thanks to the swab included in the kit, you will simply have to obtain the sample, painlessly, rubbing the swab energetically for one minute against the inside of your cheek, as shown in the [...]

By |9 March, 2016|
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