Personalized diets with the new version of our DIABETESprevent app

The new version of DIABETESprevent is now available, with important innovations in the nutrition section, new features that will inspire you and make it easier to follow a healthy diet: Personalized diets, a practical weekly menu planner with their respective recipes and the shopping list, tools that facilitate the choice and preparation of healthy foods.

With the new version of DIABETESprevent we put at your disposal tools that facilitate the choice and preparation of foods to follow a healthy diet based on the Mediterranean diet and prevent type 2 diabetes.

DIABETESprevent gives your ideas for tasty dishes to experiment in the kitchen and to feed you in a healthy way.

This new version of DIABETESprevent

  • Prepare customized diets, adapted to your nutritional needs ( your physical, medical and lifestyle characteristics).
  • It will allow you to prepare a daily menu for you. In addition to the weekly menu, you can print.
  • It offers personalized recommendations for breakfasts, snacks and snacks, and includes a nutritionist’s commentary.
  • In the main meals, lunch and dinner, you can choose between two main course and second course options – adapted to the needs of your diet.
  • It includes the recipes of these dishes.
  • Whatever your choice of weekly menu, you can print your shopping list, from which you can eliminate foods or products that you do not need.

In Patia we have developed the DIABETESprevent app to get along with your healthy lifestyle guidelines and to prevent type 2 diabetes. You can purchase your DIABETESprevent kit here, which includes this APP motivator along with the genetic risk test for type 2 diabetes and the optional pedometer.

Since your health and the health of your family are critical, in Patia we work to reduce the cases of diabetes in the world and we offer tools that help to obtain it. If you want to make an appointment, we will be happy to help you.

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PATIA Diabetes
Porque tu salud y la salud de tu familia son muy importantes, en Patia trabajamos para reducir los casos de diabetes en el mundo y ofrecemos herramientas que ayuden a conseguirlo. Si quieres hacernos una consulta, nos encantará ayudarte.