How to register DIABETESprevent app?

As soon as you have the DIABETESprevent kit, you´ll be ready to start using the app and turn on your brand new healthy lifestyle. Even-though it´s a user-friendly app, we would like to help you use it and enjoy the benefits. Here you will find the tutorial guidelines to fill in your registration.

DIABETESprevent app allows you to manage both your diet and your physical activity giving you the tools to get better health. You can access the app with the user-code provided within your DIABETESprevent kit. It is through the app that you´ll get further test results.

To access DIABETESprevent go to or install the app DIABETESprevent -available both IOS and Android.


The first time you run the app you´ll be asked to register with your DIABETESprevent personal code. You´ll be asked for an email address (username) and chosen password. In case you forget your password click here and follow the instructions to recover it.

tutorial registro app diabetesprevent

Google Play DiabetesPreventApp Store DiabetesPrevent

1. Download the application

Search for DIABETESprevent, install it in your tablet or smartphone and open it.


Open the downloaded app and click on “NEW USER”.

4. Create your username

To sign up as new user just enter your email address (your email will be your username) and the password you choose. Enter your 12-digits personal code (the one in you bar code at your card with your kit DIABETESprevent).

5. Open the app for the first time

Use your email address and password to access DIABETESprevent app

registration DIABETESprevent

6. Welcome to DIABETESprevent!

Fill out your profile information and start managing your healthy lifestyle.

Start having fun with all the different options offered by the app: following your accomplished physical activity, registration of your routes (you´ll be able to share them), and creating new challenges. Little by little you´ll get used to all the options of the app with the tutorials and guidelines we´ll share with you in your email box (like this one tutorial to register your routes and walks)

Stay tuned on the app, in a few days you will receive a notification that your result is available!

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