Alcohol can´t fit into a helthy diet

Fortunately, nutritional recommendations have changed significantly over the last century. In spite of this, the population’s inertia towards the previous recommendations is enormous. If this is something negative, it is worse when such inertia is contrasted among not a few health professionals. As much as it has been proven that alcohol can´t fit into a healthy diet, defending the current evidence is more difficult than trying to stop a high-speed train manually.

In this context, it becomes very difficult to overcome the recommendations on alcohol consumption and its effect on health. Little by little, something has been achieved, but the truth is that any progress is several years away from consolidation, regardless of how strong the evidence is in your favor, which is already a lot.

Alcohol advertising

Seeing advertising not so long ago, we must recognize that some progress has been made in this direction.

  • The advertising of different beers in which their use was recommended even in children for health reasons (no, it’s not a joke).
  • “This ad from the 1950s shows a hopeless, pretty-perfect housewife holding a burning pan in one hand and a handkerchief in the other. She’s consoled by her breadwinner husband who gestures to a place setting where two Schlitz beers sit. “Anyway,” the husban