Food industry unites for the first time with biotech companies and hospitals to create solutions in the prevention of gestational diabetes

Led by Patia Europe, the hub of Spanish food companies, tech and biotechnology companies was presented on 14th November, the International Diabetes Day.

Gestational diabetes (GDM), which affects 10% of pregnancies in Spain, is one of the main health problems associated with pregnancy. It is characterized by carbohydrate intolerance, is diagnosed between the 24th and 26th week, and is associated with considerable risks to both the mother and the fetus. So, the challenge is for pregnant women to have access to better evidence of prevention, care, products and education on GDM.

One in two women with gestational diabetes will develop diabetes 10 years after childbirth. The fetus can have serious health problems such as malformations, respiratory failure, even fetal death. A baby born of a pregnancy with gestational diabetes has a 60% greater chance of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes in the future.

Industrai alimentaria, biotecnologicas diabetes
Left to right: Leire Mendizábal (PATIA Technical Director), Jaime Razkin (PATIA Marketing & operations), Ainara Arregui (ANGULAS AGUINAGA R+D Manager ), Nekane Larburu (VICOMTECH Senior Researcher), Goizane Lizarralde (OKIN R+D Director), Céline Corrignan (OKIN Sales director), Javier Escobal (INIT Group Innovation Director), Roberto Álvarez ( VICOMTECH Researcher), Ainhoa C. Angoitia (SENDABIO Research Director), Sara Arranz (AZTI Food & Health Senior Researcher).

Products in progress

Patia Europe

The first achievement of this consortium is Patia’s genetic test for the early detection of gestational diabetes. It is a genetic test, named GDMpredict, which is a non-invasive, highly specific and sensitive test that determines the risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy. It is a world novelty that allows the detection of gestational diabetes before pregnancy or in the first weeks, well before the current diagnosis which facilitates the prevention of serious complications that gestational diabetes can entail. The test has been developed together with the Biocruces Research Institute, Basque country, Spain.

GDMpredict Predict gestational diabetes

lipigeniaLipigenia is finalizing a specific complementary test that will prevent gestational diabetes through food. The test is based on the analysis of the lipid membrane profile of red blood cells and detects accurately the nutritional requirements of each person as it detects the lack of a group of fatty acids. The result is a specific nutritional intervention to prevent diabetes.

The food industry is developing foods and supplements for prevention and non-pharmacological intervention.

angulasaguinagaAngulas Aguinaga sells mainly in Europe and Latin America and has successful collaborations in Asia as well, with an annual turnover of more than 160M. provides food proposals that help to prevent some of the most important health problems of the 21st century, such as type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes. In this project, Angulas Aguinaga develops new surimi products based on fish protein with an improved nutritional profile to meet the needs of the target population: patients with diabetes. Its proposals are focused on offering solutions that incorporate fewer carbohydrates and encourage protein intake.

okinOkinbased in the Basque Country, is one of the largest bread manufacturers in Spain. This company proposes a new range of functional breads whose incorporation into the diet serves to improve the health of pregnant women. Specifically, the breads developed by OKIN in this project will be made with resistant starch that contributes to reducing blood glucose levels.

rueda de prensa alianza diabetes

The alliance was presented by Céline Corrignan (OKIN), Jaime Razkin (PATIA) and Ainara Arregui (ANGULAS AGUINAGA)

natraNatra Chocolates a multinational reference in Europe in the production and processing of chocolate products, with a turnout over € 372M, is working on the development of a chocolate bar formulation to support the prevention of GDM, with diabetes, pre-diabetes or population sensitive to sugar intake with 100% natural ingredients.


sendabioSendabio develops supplements marketable with DHA and Omega-3. Different epidemiological studies demonstrate the health effects of the intake of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids during gestation, such as decreased risk of developing GDM, hypertension associated with pregnancy and postpartum depression.


inithealthGrupo INIT already in the first phase of the development of an application based on its Inithealth platform that facilitates the control of the risk and offers a careful plan that prevent the disease and avoid its complications through a digital solution, so that women feel accompanied in the prevention of the disease and the management of their situation.

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