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About Juan Revenga Frauca

I am Dietician-Nutritionist and Biologist from the University of Navarra and I practice the profession of dietician-nutritionist and as professor at San Jorge University. I am also a collaborator in different media in the fields of nutrition, food and health . I am member of the Spanish Foundation for Dietitians and Nutritionists (FEDN), and part of both its Scientific Committee and its Technical Advisory Committee. I have been president and founder of the Professional College of Aragon D-N (CPDNA). I am an active user of social media. You can follow me on twitter (@juan_revenga) or Facebook.

Obesity recognized as a chronic disease

European Union classifies obesity as a chronic disease  The European Commission has just listed obesity as a chronic and recurrent disease that, in turn, acts as a gateway to other non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer Whether or not obesity is seen as a disease is not a trivial matter. There are [...]

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Diabetes and Alzheimer

Diabetes y Alzheimer, did you know? Professionally, there are some things that I find very striking; I would even say that they annoy me. And that frustrate me. Or something halfway between discomfort and frustration. And it is a question of experience rather than "knowledge.” One of these things is, for example, to contrast [...]

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