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DIABETESprevent integrates a genetic risk test to type 2 diabetes, with wearables and a mobile app to enable a healthy lifestyle to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes

Patia presents Diabetes Prevent, the app that promotes motivation and intervention in diet and physical exercise as well as anthropomorphic, genetic and biochemical measures follow-up.

Patia has created this digital tool as a forefront type 2 diabetes prevention and intervention program.

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Try DIABETESprevent, your app to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes


You can also visit the web-version at diabetesprevent.net 

Nueva versión DIABETESprevent: Nutrición dietas personalizadas

DIABETESprevent enables you to:

  • Control your calorie intake & burn rate. The calories taken in and their nutritional value will be automatically recorded in your profile.
  • Personalised diet adapted to your characteristics and living habits. Choose the suggested healthy dish for each meal and prepare it following the recipe.
  • Track your medical treatments and lab tests.
  • Share the information with your doctor. DIABETESprevent is a complete companion tool with which to track your measurements, your medical treatments and laboratory tests.
  • Set challenges. DIABETESprevent allows you to monitor your physical activity. Connect your wearable and keep a check on your steps, distance covered and calories burned with your daily exercise.

Optimize your app with your pedometer or smartband

Set challenges and meet them with your wearable.

DIABETESprevent allows you to monitor your physical activity with Patia’s pedometer or with any of the fully compatible wearables you choose; Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, Fitbit, Runkeeper…

Connect your wearable and keep a check on your steps, distance covered and calories burned with your daily exercise. Set yourself an activity challenge and meet it with DIABETESprevent.

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When you get DIABETESprevent you can access the mobile app or the extended web version
and take control of your nutrition and physical activity to prevent type 2 diabetes

¿Where can I buy DIABETESprevent?

Do the type 2 diabetes genetic risk test at home

You can  buy online the Diabetes Prevent pack and do the test and do the test in the tranquility of your home. You can do the test to your relatives and when you finish, we will pick it up.

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