How Diabetes Prevent works

Discovering my genetic risk and preventing it is simple with Diabetes Prevent

Diabetes Prevent is more than a pioneering risk evaluation genetic test.

Diabetes Prevent aims to help you control and prevent type 2 diabetes starting today.

Uncontrolled diabetes has serious consequences.

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Genetic test

Discovering your genetic predisposition is very easy with the Patia genetic test.


The Patia genetic test has a solid scientific basis founded on rigorous international population genome studies. The main genetic variations associated to type 2 diabetes are analysed.

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The test will detect if your genetic risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes is high medium  low

Diabetes is a multifactorial disease where the genetic component is important. The genetic test in Diabetes Prevent was developed after careful examination of extensive population studies of the genome of diabetics which identified genetic polymorphisms present in people who develop type 2 diabetes.

  • Once a high genetic risk has been detected measures can be taken and other factors can be controlled to prevent type 2 diabetes, such as diet and physical exercise.
  • It is not a test to diagnose the disease. It is used to detect genetic risk, but there are other factors which we also help you to take care of, to counteract and minimise that genetic risk.

The test will detect if your genetic risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes is high medium low

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