New hopes of a cure for type 2 diabetes

Recent research provides a glimmer of hope not only for the dietary treatment of type 2 diabetes, something we were already familiar with, but also for its cure.

esperanzas curación diabetes tipo 2Type 2 diabetes has traditionally been considered a chronic and incurable disease with treatment focussed on food, oral antidiabetic drugs and, if necessary, the periodic administration of insulin. Also, in the majority of cases, once the patient had been diagnosed, they faced a progressive escalation of treatment, always beginning with the compulsory compliance with a series of dietary recommendations, the use of pharmaceuticals via oral to control glycemia (oral antidiabetic drugs) and, if the disease progressed sufficiently to make it necessary, the provision of insulin. As the years with diabetes mount up, even if it is controlled, the outlook regarding health complications is less than rosy.

Among the determining factors of this pathology, as you know, on the one hand genetic predisposition stands out (which nowadays can be quantified to a certain extent) and, on the other hand, lifestyles, especially food and physical activity patterns.