Diabetes predict

What is DIABETESpredict for?

DIABETESpredictis a laboratory test which provides a high-sensitivity and –specificity evaluation of the genetic predisposition to develop type 2 diabetes (T2D). Furthermore, it offers personalized recommendations based on the patient’s genetic profile.

The test was developed in collaboration with scientists and endocrinologists at The Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA) and The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard (Cambridge, MA).

Who is a test candidate?

DIABETESpredictis a genetic test particularly indicated for:

  • Obese or prediabetic individuals:
    • With a family history of type 2 diabetes
    • With a BMI ≥25 kg/m2
    • With additional risk factors:
      • high blood pressure (≥140/90 mmHg);
      • triglycerides> 250 mg/dL
  • Women with who had gestational diabetes and children with mother who suffered diabetes during the pregnancy.
diabetes predict

What results/data will I obtain from the test?

The results report provides the risk score, genotype, and recommendations on diet, physical activity, medications, supplements and laboratory tests.

  • T2D risk quantification
  • Patient’s genetic profile
  • Mechanisms associated with the patient’s susceptibility to T2D
  • Recommendations for intervention based on the patient’s genotype.

The DIABETESpredict algorithm integrates genotype and phenotype data. It has been clinically validated in large population cohorts with over 8,000 patients. AUC=0.82. Nature Scientific Reports. 2019. 9(1):2748.

diabetes predict

Do I need to have genetics knowledge to explain the results to the patient?

Knowledge of genetics is not required, and it is important to remember that the Medical Department of Patia offers results interpretation services.

The risk score is a numerical value of probability obtained by an algorithm that  integrates the predictive power of each genetic risk variant, ethnicity, family history, and anthropometric values.

What advantages can the test results offer to me as a health professional managing the patient?

DIABETESpredict helps in the triage of a person with high risk of DT2.

It offers personalized information that supports the implementation of preventive measures.

The test does not give a positive or negative result, rather it provides a risk score and a results report with personalized recommendations to be taken into consideration by the medical professional along with the overall clinical evaluation in order to create the most effective strategy of prevention and intervention.

What advantages can the potential patient/user obtain by taking the test as opposed to not performing it?

Clinicians will have access to genetic information that is not available in any other way. With this information, they can assess specific types of nutrition, physical activity, supplements, medication, etc.

The potential patient/user will be able to:

  • Understand their susceptibility.
  • Gain motivation to introduce lifestyle changes.
  • Obtain personalized recommendations.
  • DIABETESpredict is a predictive test of robust performance as established by its AUC, sensitivity, and specificity.

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Who endorses Diabetes Predict?

Diabetes Predict is an advanced evaluation tool based on genomic studies and endorsed by publications of the most prestigious scientific magazines. You can consult the following articles:

Scientific references:

  • Nature 2014;506:97-101.
  • JAMA 2014; 311:2305-14.
  • Nat Genet. 2014; 46(3): 234–244.
  • Nat Genet. 2012; 44(9): 981-990.

“Genotype information, along with clinical assessment, is a powerful tool in the hands of the clinician for type 2 diabetes risk management.”

Mirella G. Zulueta, MD, PhD Medical Director of Patia


Find out your genetic predisposition to develop type 2 diabetes

Knowing it is vital to modify those habits which can cause its development.


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