Jaime Berumen

Dr. Jaime Berumen

Professor Head of the Genomic Medicine Unit

General Hospital of Mexico – Faculty of Medicine at UNAM.



In 1994 he received his PhD in Basic Biomedical Research (Molecular Biology) from the “Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas”, UNAM.

He is currently Professor B, head of the Genomic Medicine Unit, General Hospital of Mexico/Faculty of Medicine at UNAM. Post-doctorate at Loyola University Medical Center. Chicago Illinois, 1993-1994. Member of the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico


Dr. Berumen is the author of 65 publications, 50 of them international with 1598 bibliographic references.

He discovered a very oncogenic variety of Human Papillomavirus 16 (Asian-American variety), very common in women with cervical cancer in Mexico.


“Rosenkranz 1999” Medical Research Award by the Roche Syntex Group the 2001 CONACyT Award for the best clinical research work, granted by the National Academy of Medicine the National Oncology Award “Dr. Guillermo Montaño Islas” 2003 and 2004.

He also has the 2012 National Food Science and Technology Award, given by CONACyT and the Coca-Cola industry of Mexico for the work that identified the presence of aflatoxins in cervical cancer and their interaction with the Human Papilloma Virus.