Rafael Gabriel

Dr. Rafael Gabriel Sánchez

Head of Research Methodology Unit
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Madrid (Spain)


MD, PhD, Head of Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Instituto IdiPAZ, Hospital Universitario La Paz. Madrid 2004-15 and Instituto IIS- Princesa, Madrid. 2015-present

Professor of Clinical Epidemiology. National School of Public Health. National Institute of Health Carlos III (Spain). Member Executive Board RIC (Red Española de Investigación Cardiovascular). Coordinator, Red Iberoamericana de Investigación en Prevención de Enfermedades Cardiometabólicas (IBERCARMEN).

Visiting professor National Instiytute of Public Health (Mexico). Scientific Director Fundación para la Diabetes 2006-9, Madrid. Spain


He has published over 200 original scientific articles in journals with impact in the areas of epidemiology and prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, aging and risk factors.