Each  person is unique and so are our genes

HealthPlan by Patia aims to improve your health by meeting individual, small or ambitious goals, considering your personal characteristics, lifestyle and genetic predisposition.

A plan designed for you with personalized follow-up

Patia Patia presents a pioneering health plan, based on each person’s genetic information and aimed at changing habits.


Patia analyzes 16 genetic variants and offers precise recommendations based on each person’s genotype information.

The test has been developed in collaboration with scientists and endocrinologists from Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, USA) and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, (Cambridge, USA).

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The genetic profile information allows Patia’s medical team to prescribe individualized goals for habit change.

The physician will monitor progress:

  • Scheduled medical consultations
  • 24h online service
  • Personalized video messages


  • Glucose monitoring and other laboratory tests
  • Monitoring of medical treatments
  • Monitoring of weight, body mass index, walking distance, calories burned, calories eaten…


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Results Report: your personalized health plan with your genes based information

Patia has developed a complete report of results that provides relevant information about the lifestyle with specific recommendations of nutrition (optimal nutrients to include and others to exclude from the diet), physical exercise (with specific indications of the type of exercise recommended according to the genetic profile), supplements (food supplements containing minerals and vitamins suitable for the patient), pharmacological indications (indication of the suitability and possible response of the patient to certain pharmacological treatments) and other clinical tests to be considered always under the supervision of Patia’s medical team.

informe recomendaciones

Your healthy habit plan to face Covid-19

Cardiometabolic disorders are a major risk factor for Covid-19 infection and death. Controlling this risk helps prevent serious complications of the pandemic.

Two-way relationship between diabetes and COVID-19

Several studies in prestigious publications such as Jama, New England, Lancet, associate overweight and diabetes as a risk factor for Covid-19 severity and death: 35% of severe Covid-19 patients are type 2 diabetics.

Publications with thousands of patients hospitalized in New York or England maintain that overweight and obesity are determining factors in the fatal consequences of coronavirus.

  • Richardson et al., JAMA 2020; 323(20):2052-2059
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  • Barron et al., Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. 2020; 8 (10): 813–822
  • Bode et al., åJ Diabetes Sci Technol.2020;14(4):813-821

In the other direction we have to consider that more than 10% of patients with COVID-19 have developed diabetes after suffering the coronavirus infection.

  • Chee et al., Diabetes Res. Clin. Pract. 2020; 164: 108166
  • Li et al., Diabetes Obes Metab. 2020; 10.1111



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