Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease

Type 2 diabetes increases the risk of serious complications that worsen patient life´s quality. Renal disease or nephropathy is one of the most frequent complications. How can we prevent it?

Kidneys act as filters of the blood eliminating wastes and impurities of our body. High blood glucose levels cause kidneys to work harder and cause damage to the small blood vessels (capillaries) that filter our blood. When kidneys stop doing its function we need to turn on to dialysis -regular treatments to purify blood-, or to kidney transplant.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) up to 40% of people with diabetes develop kidney disease.

Hypertension and kidney disease

High blood pressure accelerates the progression of kidney disease in people with diabetes. Hypertension causes an overexertion in the heart that over time can damage blood vessels throughout the body. As a result, the fluid in the blood vessels increases, this excess fluid causes the blood pressure to increase.

Blood pressure measures the force exerted by the blood against the walls of blood vessels. A person’s blood pressure is considered normal if it stays at 120/80 or less, which is commonly expressed as “120 out of 8”.

Main measures to reduce hypertension:

Diabetes, hipertensión y enfermedad renalTo maintain regular blood pressure levels, it is recommended:

  • keep a healthy weight
  • Reduce the consumption of salt
  • avoid alcoholic beverages and tobacco
  • follow a healthy diet
  • exercise (at least 30 minutes of moderate activity such as walking, cycling or swimming, most days of the week)
  • follow doctor-prescribed treatment

With proper follow-up of medical treatment and recommended lifestyle changes – healthy eating and moderate exercise – many people can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes complications.

Knowing your genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes can help you prevent this pathology and avoid many complications, including kidney problems.

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