Experts in genetics for personalized diabetes prevention and intervention


Genetic risk assessment and intervention for diabetes management.

High reliability DNA analysis to discover type 2 diabetes risk level, with personalized genotype-informed recommendations for the optimization of nutritional and lifestyle intervention.


Genetics and prevention for a healthy pregnancy.

Analysis of genetic factors associated to gestational diabetes susceptibility, as well as to folic acid and vitamin B12 metabolizing capacity, in order to prevent gestational diabetes, preterm births, deformities, and other pregnancy risks.


Precision medicine for type 2 diabetes

Analysis of genetic variants associated to type 2 diabetes from a patient’s DNA sample to obtain information for individual and precise intervention in disease management.



Genetic tests for diabetes risk detection and prevention


Increase your knowledge about your patient with unique information


Patented technology to optimize decision making in the intervention.

Our team at Patia is formed by prestigious medical and scientific professionals, our best guarantee in the research and development of new products for the fight against diabetes.

Eva Sáez
Europe Operations & Marketing Manager

Laureano Simon

Leire Mendizabal
Europe Technical Manager

Mirella Zulueta
Europe Medical Director


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